Thursday 7 November 2013

by Jaden Chan, Year 6 Aqua, Class of 2018

Photo credit : Olivia Lee 
This year's Science Camp, open to all Standard 6 and Year 6 students, was held in Cempaka Damansara on the 25th and 26th of August. There were loads of activities and experiments during the camp that kept students on their toes and brain juices flowing. From launching a rocket to building parachutes, it was a truly great experience. 

We started by separating ourselves into groups on the morning of the 25th. There were seven groups in total and mine was named “Natural Satellite”. I had the privilege of being the group leader. After our first briefing, we were required to make a poster. With reference to our textbooks, we got to writing information on the poster and decorating it. As group leader, I made sure everything went smoothly. 

After one and a half hours of hard work, we had our tea break and then went to the hall to do a Science quiz based on the UPSR syllabus. I was extremely happy to find that my team got 41 out of 50 questions correct for the quiz. After the quiz, we went to the Biology lab and the Year 6 students were given tips for their Checkpoint examinations. The teachers also demonstrated nine exciting experiments later. 

Following the experiment showcase, we played a few Science-related games. For example, we played matching the prey to its predator and we had to build a parachute. Parachute-building required a lot of brainstorming and discussion. We had to make sure that it could support an egg and that the egg would not break when we dropped the parachute from the top floor. The egg was like a precious baby to us and we were glad to find that all our hard work had paid off when the egg landed safely on the ground, wrapped in a blanket of newspaper and makeshift parachute materials. The games marked the end of the first day of Science Camp. 

On the second day, we kicked off with morning exercise. After the exercise session, we did some Science orienteering and had our lunch break. Then came the most exciting and thrilling activity of the entire camp - the water rocket launch! This activity entailed us filling a bottle with water and attaching it on a Launchpad. Luck seemed to be on our side as our rocket managed to launch into the air successfully. The bursting sound when the rocket gets its first kick into the air and the grace with which it sweeps through the air really amazed all of us.

Photo credit : Ms. Pavithra
After the launch, all groups did a presentation based on the information we gathered from the launch. Finally, the closing ceremony concluded the camp. Overall, Natural Satellite ended up placing 5th out of the seven groups. Although some may think it is a low placing, I must say we put it an incredible amount of effort into all our work and paid full attention to all the activities. Despite our seemingly poor placing, I felt so happy I could participate in the Science camp. 

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and the camp is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! All in all, this year's Science Camp was definitely one to remember. I'll definitely cherish the laughs, the lessons learnt and the memories made. To all students who participated, I hope you treasure these moments as much as I do for they are irreplaceable. Finally, a big thank you to all the facilitators and teachers who helped make this camp such an amazing event. Thank you for adding yet another extraordinary chapter to my schooling life here in Cempaka.
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