Dear Reader, we wish you a very warm welcome to the LumenStudet, an online website run by the Young Journalists’ Club Damansara.

The LumenStudet has always been a platform where our YJC editors put their fingers to their keyboards and typed away at our school events ranging from the Performing Arts to the First House Cup. Once only used by the members of YJC, this year we plan to get all Cempakan writers, photographers and designers involved in the website.

Starting off from an idea in 2013 by the Chairman of Cempaka Schools, Dr Iskandar Rizal, the LumenStudet was created to serve as a base where Cempakan writers, designers and photographers could express their creative talent to the whole school. Once only limited to mainly school events, this year we plan to have a Fiction-For-All section, where students from all levels will be given the opportunity to have their stories presented on the website and others will be able to constructively comment on their friend’s articles. We also plan to conduct more school events to get more Cempakans involved. 

Here at YJC Damansara, our editors, designers and photographers are all hardworking and passionate for what we do and what we believe in. We hope you enjoy yourself as you read through our collection of articles, browse through our designs and view our photographs. We welcome any feedback that you have for us; just leave us an email on how we could improve LumenStudet. 

Before I leave you to browse our ever-growing collection, I would like to give a special mention to all those who made this website a success, starting with our YJC members, who continuously make sure that there are fresh articles flowing in. Next, I would like to thank the Teacher Advisors of YJC who monitor our published materials and make sure our articles are nothing but of the highest quality. We have our Head Photographer of YJC, Jaclyn Hong Yi Ying, who adds the perfect visual accompaniment to our articles. We also have our Head Designer of YJC, Joyce Law Jeng Yee, who makes sure that our website is constantly gifted with new and creative artworks.

All these people are important by keeping the website constantly updated with new and fresh content. By investing their efforts and time, all of our members have produced a great final masterpiece of creativity, and something they will feel proud of. I would like to thank them for their outstanding contributions. If you ever need a reason to join the Young Journalists’ Club, read on, and you will find many reasons why.

Thank you.

Tan Hao Yu, Nicholas
President of YJC


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  6. The LumenStudet has always been a platform where our YJC editors put their fingers to their keyboards and typed away at our school events ranging from the Performing Arts to the First House Cup. Once only used by the members of YJC, cargo bandung papua this year we plan to get all Cempakan writers, photographers and designers involved in the website.

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