Wednesday, 20 November 2013

by Lee Ting An, Sophomore 2 Cempaka, Class of 2015

Juggling, worldwide online competitions, advanced scientific research. The numerous skills required of the current Cempakan has been growing and will continue to do so. Perhaps the reason we have such a variety of skills is because throughout one academic year, we have as many events in one month as other schools probably have in a year. I could list them all out, but one look at our colourful calendar can tell you everything.

Credit : Lai Li Chan
Considering how greatly they affect us later on in our lives, we put a lot of effort into these extra 'super-curricular' activities. True, we may slack off here and there, but otherwise there is a great deal of effort expended for all the projects, assignments, and workshops. Which is why the Annual Cempaka Exposition was introduced just this year to showcase to parents and other teachers the extensive learning journey undertaken by every Cempakan.

The exposition is much like a car showroom, filled with enthusiastic salesmen dedicated to showing off their product. Held in the expansive second floor of the Cheras library, the area housed stations displaying every imaginable skill. Parents generally walk around a small portion of a room trying to comprehend the sheer number of things we do outside the classroom.

The booths ranged from the classroom lab activities like the Form 4's 'Simple and Fun Experiments' (which although typical, were probably the most fun and gave everyone a white fist and a chance to spit on paper), to the Form 3‘s Post-PMR Activities booth where they flaunt the fact they had some well deserved fun while the rest of us slogged at finals, and even a cup stacking booth, where students tried to stack cups as fast as possible.

Photo credit : Lai Li Chan
Held in conjunction with report card day, the expo allowed parents to see what goes on behind the report card because anyone who's been here for a while knows our grades barely scratch the surface of what we accomplish on a daily basis. The expo was also a chance to flaunt the doings and achievements of the many clubs in school such as Young Journalists' Club (the best one), who write the lovely Lumen Studet you are currently viewing and will proceed to bookmark because you adore it so, the Interact Club, which aims to help communities or people in need, Cempaka Incorporated, a business club which teaches students on how to make the most of out your Ringgit, and the Save the World umbrella society, whose members dress in dark, black, bat-suits and drive around Gotham fighting crime (actually, they wear green).

Photo Credit : Lai Li Chan
The expo was a good way for Cempakans to display to parents and teachers just what goes on during our long, arduous, but fun days at school. Whether it’s a Cempaka Connect Presentation, a World Education Games ranking, or even a class project for French, Mandarin, or Global Perspectives, doubtless it’s something you’ve poured effort into and are immensely proud of.

Which is why the Annual Cempaka Exposition, filled with interactive and especially fun booths are the perfect opportunity for parents to see why we come back with our bodies exhausted and our minds stuffed everyday. And after all that work, who doesn’t want to show off a little?
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