Sunday, 24 November 2013

by Ryan Yoong Ka Jun, Form 4 Science 1, Class of 2014

A wise person once said, “All good things must come to an end”. For the Damansara Games Carnival, this was it. A day to give it your all and put it out there one last time. For some of us, myself included, it was starting to sink in that this would be the last time we would have such an event. As the days passed, we could strike off the various sports that we have been participating in throughout our years in Cempaka. We’d strike off quite a number, some of which were sports completely new to us, hoping one day in the near future that we will be given this opportunity once again. The opportunity to relive the games, relive the laughter and relive the moment. But until then, we had to live in the present and make the most of our last day. 

The final Games Carnival Day in 2013 saw high-flying frisbees, intense basketball matches and the ever-so-muddy kicks from the football pitch. Given the unforgiving weather the day before, (which was similarly observed the year before; a trend maybe?) it was no surprise that everyone was prepared to lose a pair of socks or shoes to the menacing mud that had settled right in the middle of the football pitch also known as the mud pit. 

Woon Tyen Yee, Seladang soccer-5-aside player shares her experience treading the murky waters that day.

"If you noticed a girl on the field with brown splatters on her face and her clothes drenched in mud, you would know that she played soccer 5-aside for Games Carnival. Due to heavy rain in the early morning, the chocolate-coloured field made passing the ball even harder. Our first match was against Helang, who came prepared with great strikers, midfielders, defenders and a great goalkeeper in their team. At first, I thought we wouldn’t make it to the finals; knowing that they have the whole package. But after that game, I realized that even with the best players, you can’t win without a good strategy, which is what allowed us to advance to the finals with match ending in 3-0 in our favour."

Photo Credit : Lai Li Chan
"Our second and final match was against Beruang, the team famous for their committed captain, Fiona See who is a dedicated football fanatic and clearly great at football as well. She obviously was the one we were afraid of - she never gave up until the end and I really admire that about her. The game was much more intense than our first one. There were so many opportunities for both teams that there wasn’t any clear winner. With both Beruang and Seladang supporters cheering loudly and giving special guidance from the sidelines, the scoreboard was still nil-nil. I really thought we were about to move on to extra time, and then to penalty shootouts, but I was wrong. A minor mistake by the goalie who passed the ball to Tania, and she fired in the ball which flew straight past the keeper’s arms, into the top corner of the goal post. Two minutes after that, the whistle blew and history was made. Kudos to the Beruang players who played wonderfully, and to the rest of the team- we did it. :)"

Right next to the mud pit was another key attraction; the swimming pool also known as the field. Action here revolved around a frisbee being thrown back and forth with the splashing of water here and there and the occasional slip from the players. I was drafted to play ultimate and had high expectations on my shoulders, freshly coming out of a 1st place victory earlier this year. However, with key players gone from all houses, it was still a very, very close fight. 

First up, we went against the formidable Helangs who were looking to be in the best shape possible. True enough, the high-flying eagles prevailed in the match and were catapulted into the upper bracket while the bulls were left to fight for 3rd placing. The next match featured the tigers who had also just recovered from their 4-1 loss to the doves. With a good catch here and a bad throw there from both houses it was a close match. Somehow (very much to my relief), we managed a victory there. Turning to the left, we were greeted by smiles from the Seladang girls who had also won their match against Helang. Well played everyone, well played. 

Photo Credit : Lai Li Chan
Besides the two water-soaked venues, the outdoor basketball also experienced its fair share of rain and had to be put on hold for the first few hours of the day. By the time I had mustered enough strength (frisbee is a very tiring sport) and spirit (after falling in the mud all day) to make my way over there, it was already the final match between Helang and Seladang. 

Photo Credit : Lai Li Chan
With both teams having their fair share of good throws and bad, it was neck to neck. Tensions rose as the points increased in denominations of ones, twos and the rare threes which got everyone anxious to know the final outcome. Then the whistle. Followed by the roar from the crowd. Some players rejoiced in happiness while others looked rather dejected. Who had won? It was very close, but Seladang managed to edge the Helangs by a mere 3 points. Kudos to players from both houses for making what will be to me, and many others, one the most exciting moments of Games Carnival 2014. 

Alas we have come to the end of the Games Carnival Day-by-Day Overview (minus rugby which we covered on Twitter). With the final results tallied and penalties included, Games Carnival has become a thing of the past. No longer something we look forward to; but something we look back at with a smile and fond memories. Regardless of where the houses currently stand on the scoreboard, it goes without saying that everyone will be back next year; recharged, re-energised and most certainly ready to rumble. #seladangsHTG #merpatiRTH #RHGP #tigersYSF:) 
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