Monday, 18 November 2013

by Nicholas Tan Hao Yu, Year 6 Terra, Class of 2018

Today, Dato’ Freida, we would like to convey to you
Our warm heartfelt appreciation towards your contributions
Which we felt long overdue
For you started Cempaka Schools, and with it comes its legacy
And you have groomed us well, from small shoots to big trees.
You have taught us to be ladies and gentlemen
And not to be bickering and fussy children
You help shine a beacon to light up the way
To lead us to be the people we are today
We thank you for your optimism and kind heartedness
Which kept us all together in times of sadness
This school is at a high standard because of you
And for all these reasons which are soundly true

I, on behalf of all of us here, thank you.
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  1. How sweet! Very beautiful words to as it seems very nice person. Good that there are still university professors that are loved by students who are grateful for their teaching. Unfortunately, I cannot tell it about our teachers, everything they do is making me study hard and write my term paper which I hate most of all.

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