I'm a journalist. I tell a story.


A very warm welcome to you, and many thanks for taking the time to read our newsletter. I presume you would like to know a little more about us and why we do what we do.

We are the Young Journalists’ Club of Cempaka Schools Damansara, a non-profit organization founded some years ago that has grown to become an integral portion of Cempakan life. The Young Journalists’ Club, as its name suggests, is a society dedicated to being a nurturing ground to develop journalism skills among our members and students. Journalism is not only done through the wonders of creative writing; a story can be conveyed through numerous means, including design, photography and comic art. Thus, this organization is primarily divided into four sections; namely, the Editorial Team, the Design and Layout Team, the Photography Team, and the Comic Illustration Team.
What you are currently reading is the Lumen Studet Online, the blog version of our online newsletter and a new dissemination channel for our journalists. The Lumen Studet was once a print publication; the online version is the brainchild of Nicholas Quah Wenpin (Class of 2006). ‘Lumen Studet’, roughly translated, means ‘light of the student’ in Latin (and no, to the many, many people who have asked; it is not spelt ‘Lumen Student’). We operate on a potent combination of caffeine, e-mail and (occasionally unmet) deadlines, and we endeavor to work as much like a real news outlet as possible. Therefore, while we understand that many of our members are very young, we are quite discerning about the quality of the work published. Our purpose is, as far as possible, to enable our students and the public alike to enjoy high-quality journalism produced by young Malaysians.

In short, we aim to please. Any questions, comments or suggestions can be directed to leeyueping14@cempaka.edu.my. Sit back, relax, and enjoy what we have to offer. We’re all yours.



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