Sunday, 4 August 2013

By Nadia Marissa Abdul Rahman, Junior 1 Cempaka, Mithali Maya Mittra & Nik Ashman, Form 4 Science 1, Class of 2014

As a child, 
I was taught to dream, 
As a teenager, 
I was told to work hard 
As Cempakans, 
Now and forever we believe that nothing is impossible. 

The 8AM classes were a bore, 
Dragging myself out of bed is still a chore, 
The workload is like Everest, 
Really, our workload is relentless. 

But the teachers are kind,  
And the prefects - we paid no mind, 
When they said, "Please turn around your smart card,"
The effort to keep my mouth shut was really hard. 

But after a while we got accustomed to this, 
And one day this will be what we miss,
The experience that we all gain, 
From the venture with blood and pain,
The values, the lessons, the peers, 
We will cherish throughout the years. 

There were always whispers during assembly,
And lots of laughter in class, 
There were sports and fierce competition, 
To win the House Cup was everyone’s mission,
There were performances and productions,
And the oh-so-fancy functions. 

To aspire, to dream, to create,
Have long since become our traits,
There is nothing we believe we cannot do, 
Work hard, work smart, be true. 

In this school you built with blood, sweat and tears, 
With passion and no fear,
We learnt to count and write and read, 
But were also shaped to lead, 
Thank you seems too small a word, 
I doubt our real "thank you" will truly be heard, 
Because we owe you so much and always will,
Here's to Cempaka the school we all love still. 

- Performed by Mithali Maya Mittra & Nik Ashman on 2nd August 2013, in conjunction with Founder's Day Assembly as a tribute to our Founder & Mentor, Dato' Freida Pilus. 

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  1. My dear Cempakans,

    You are my joy in laughter and song,
    My sorrow in desperation and despair,
    My inspiration all day and night long.
    Blessed we are for one another we care.
    You are my life,my love forever more.
    You have given your all so I can soar.

    Thank you Cempakans.

    Your Cempaka Mom.

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