Friday, 2 August 2013

1) And so, peanut butter and jelly lived happily ever after in their castle made out of bread. 

2) A little girl in yellow and white stood at the school gates clasping her mother’s hand tightly. With a deep breath, she let go. 
- Submitted by Amanda Lee Yue Ping, Class of 2014

3)  I used to climb on roofs to watch the sun set. Broken bones hurt less than a wasted day.

4) If you see nothing beautiful in that broken mirror,
Find yourself in the songs you love and the things you read.

5) He joked that he was an expert sofa­bed maker. In truth, he just had nowhere to go.
- Submitted by Nadia Marissa, Class of 2014

6) Pizza is like the circle of life. It’s delicious and fun but it’s gone in the blink of an eye.
- Submitted by Chin Wye Mun, Class of 2014

7) We must teach them facts, said the headmaster,
We must teach them scientific accuracy, said the tutor,

But the children had no say, for they had not been taught to think for themselves.

8) I am scared,
That one day I will wake up,

Amongst my stuffed toys and story books, And find that I can no longer bring them to life.    
- Submitted by Chua Zi, Class of 2014

9) The chef walked around the room, picking up fruits to be used for a fruit platter. Trying to escape his fate, the banana split. 
- Submitted by Nimratdeep Kaur, Class of 2014

"The universe is not made up of atoms, it is made up of tiny stories." 
Share a tiny story with us by commenting below! :)
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