Sunday 18 August 2013

by Chua Zi, Form 4 Science 1, Class of 2014

Weather report showing Typhoon Utor approaching the Philippines on Sunday,  August 13 2013
MONDAY - Typhoon Utor, the most powerful typhoon to hit the Philippines this year left desolation in its wake where it made landfall in Casiguran, Aurora. The devastating typhoon caused landslides and floods, struck down power lines, wrecked home and crops, and displaced scores of families. 

One survivor who reported on the BBC stated that the natural disaster, travelling at 200 km/h was “taking down all their livelihoods” leaving them to rebuild their homes and lives from scratch once again. At least 20 typhoons or power storms hit the Philippines each year. Officials say this one left at least 6 dead.

Devastating floods in the Philippines
Disaster prevention teams and rescue efforts persevered as the typhoon made its way to China, where it was expected to make landfall in the South China Guangdong province by Wednesday.

On Wednesday, an eerie calm settled over the normally bustling city of Hong Kong.

A man crosses an empty street in Hong Kong on Wednesday, 14 August.
As the typhoon approached China, heavy rain and strong winds were reported in Hong Kong. A No. 8 storm signal was hoisted which caused schools, businesses and government services to close down, while the stock market was suspended. Ferry terminals and hundreds of flights were cancelled, leaving thousands of passengers stranded. Many citizens opted to remain indoors, leaving the roads empty and quiet. 

Shop windows reinforced with masking tape in Hong Kong
However during the day when the winds were closest, they skirted around 250 km to Hong Kong. A No. 3 signal was issued by the afternoon as the typhoon moved away from the city.

Meanwhile, in south China, Guangdong province braced itself. Fishing boats were ordered to return to port as waves at sea were at 10 m while those at coastal areas could reach 5 1/2 m. The people of Guangdong were used to typhoons — this was the 11th to hit China this year. They secured windows and doors, cleared drains, and went to find shelter.

According to the Guangdong meteorological centre, this was one of the strongest typhoons to form in the west of the Pacific Ocean in South China Sea, with winds travelling at 150-155 km/h.

Typhoon Utor is one of the strongest typhoons in the world to hit this year.

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