Sunday, 20 April 2014

No, Easter Bunnies don't lay eggs just like their normal bunny cousins. Much less colourful, patterned eggs like the commercialised ones we see often today. So where did these eggs originate from? 

Well, the Easter Bunny is actually a rabbit spirit. Called the Easter Hare a long time ago, it was known as a symbol of fertility due to a hare's frequent births. The Romans believe that all life comes from an egg, whereas Christians consider eggs to be the seed of life, thus symbolic to the the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Anyhow, regardless of how you spend your Easter holidays, make the best out of your extra-long weekend! Wishing all of you a Happy Easter from all of us here at YJC. 

Submitted by Sarah Crompton, Junior 2 Cempaka, Class of 2014

Submitted by Ashley Yap, Junior 2 Cempaka, Class of 2014

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