Tuesday, 29 April 2014

by Clarissa Teh, Class of 2019

Birds are beautiful creatures,
some with aquiline features.
They are amazing in flight,
to attract mates whenever they’re in sight.

The Great Hornbill’s ‘crown’,
or the legs of the graceful milky stork,
are no match for an ostrich’s fluffy down,
which can be as brown as a cork.

Photo Credit : En Syariz

If you have watched a Roseate Tern
do its acrobatic flips in the sky,
you’ll reach for the clouds and yearn.
But if you try to fly you’ll surely die!

In the water, the black and white penguins are the speediest,
but if they spot some fish they’ll instantly be the greediest.
If you’re lucky, you’ve seen the tiny, twittering hummingbird.
There’s no bird smaller than it, please don’t be absurd!
by Unknown 21:29 21 comments


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    2. The Great Hornbill’s ‘crown’,
      or the legs of the graceful milky stork,
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