Tuesday 22 April 2014

by Akhilan Manivannan, Junior 1 Higgs, Class of 2015

We all love eating meat don’t we? Approximately 90% of the worlds population currently consume meat, be it chicken, pork, beef or so on. Today’s lifestyle is so hectic that the thought of considering where our meat comes from and the treatment of the animals we consume often escapes us. Most simply don’t care as long as our bellies are full and our taste buds are satisfied. 

What truly goes on in these slaughterhouses needs to be brought to light, and this exactly was done in the video released by PETA, 'If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls', narrated by the great Paul Mccartney. I advise every single person to watch this, particularly people who eat meat in every meal of the day. However, the contents of the video are shocking and viewer discretion should be observed

While the video is a couple of years old, it still has not found the worldwide attention it demands. 'If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls' shows us what happens inside most slaughterhouses around the world through the eyes of hidden cameras. The gross truth that members of our own human race could commit such revolting acts is utterly disgraceful to say the least. But when people do come to terms with what is happening, they generally do one of two things: complain about the industry, or stick it in the back of their minds and move on in their ignorance. What society needs to realise, is that they are the ones fuelling this incredible demand for meat.

The world population growth rate has been accelerating in the past few years, and this has caused the consumption of meat to shoot up as well. With such a high demand for meat, producers cannot slaughter the animals the old fashioned way, which is considerably more humane, but instead consent to faster, more efficient and feasible methods which include technology and some incredibly brutal consequences.

Due to the high demand, more and more animals need to be mass-bred. To conserve resources they are simply locked up in cages where all they can do is breathe, eat and drink until they are inevitably butchered.

When did it become okay to breed millions of animals just to have them massacred for our consumption? Wouldn’t this be considered 'playing god' since we are in fact altering these animals natural purpose for our benefits? How can this be condoned by any religious believer since approximately 84% of the world population follows a religious faith?

As much as we attempt to lie to ourselves, this problem will only worsen unless action is taken. Consumers need to understand that meat does not need to be consumed as much as it is right now. Yes we need protein, but a diet of meat in excess has been proven to result in high cholesterol and heart diseases. There are healthier options available in vegetables and perhaps vegetarianism needs to be more seriously considered worldwide. I urge readers to consider vegetarianism, opt for organic meat or even simply cut down on meat and meat products, for we are humans not barbarians and what we are doing at the moment is inhumane.

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