Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Dry taps and hazy skies, coupled with an international tragedy that shook the world - March will be a month we'll never forget. 

April is International World Health Month. In conjunction with that, our theme this month is Clean Eats! In preparation for the crazy whirlwind that is May (mid years, sports day AND swimming gala!) your cupboards are sure to be stocked with examination snacks and stay-awake treats. We'll be here to tell you what's healthy, what's not, and that 'clean eating' could also very well mean a  licked-clean plate instead. Other than that, we hope to deliver to you articles on the latest MSSKL games, Silver Expeditions and other such related school events. 

March was a hot, dry and hazy wasteland. This month on the other hand brings along the promise of April showers, and hope for spring. 

Designed by Amanda Lee Yue Ping, Class of 2014

Happy reading!
Amanda Lee & Chin Wye Mun 
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