Saturday, 7 September 2013

7 SEPTEMBER 2013 - A fire broke out yesterday evening at the Cempaka Damansara campus, damaging at least two classrooms and the dance studio. The fire department is undertaking investigations to determine the cause of the fire and everyone is asked to remain calm and patient during this time.

In light of this devastating incident, it is understandable to feel sad, terrified or shocked. However, as news quickly spread on Twitter last night about the fire, it was more than heartwarming to see Cempakans—young and old, past and present, across all campuses and from all corners of the world, come together to share concern, send out well-wishes and stand strong amidst this tragedy. 

It was a true tribute to test our strength of character and to prove that the spirit of Cempakans—our principles, our valor—will always come from our hearts to the place where these values were nurtured. Here are some words from the Cempakan community, and may these heartfelt messages always be remembered in our history as the true pillars of strength that hold up our school—fireproof, waterproof, imperishable. 

Not to worry. We are made of stronger stuff than mortar and bricks :) 
- Dato’ Freida Pilus  
Cempaka is more than just bricks and stone. It lies in the heart of every Cempakan. We will only grow stronger! Nothing is impossible!
- Encik Raphael Hamzah
Chin up. It's just the building. You and your classmates are Cempaka Damansara. That can never be burned down.                                                                                                     
- Encik Hisham Hamzah
My school is beautiful; not "was" beautiful.
If anyone can come out of this stronger, it's Cempakans.

- Rachel Lee, Class of 2012 
Distraught to hear Cempaka Damansara caught on fire. Hopefully no one got hurt and the building's fine. Grew up in that place over 12 years.
- Malayandi Palaniappan, Class of 2012 
Glad all is well at Cempaka & everyone safe from the fire. :)
- Judah Chew, Class of  2010
Cempaka Damansara, rebuilt and redesigned by Cempakans. Only in Cempaka! Our spirit remains solid!
- Johnathon Wong, Class of 2013 
Looking at the pictures of Damansara campus after the fire really breaks my heart. Can't imagine if it was Cheras.
- Syakirah, Class of 2014 
To my lovely days in this dance studio which I love with all my heart. I was in Cempaka before it was even built and I'm really glad I spent so much time in it with friends and teachers building wonderful memories. 
- Auriel Yeap, Class of 2014  
Great to see the strength and character of old and new Cempakans are showing. Proud to be called a Cempakan. 
- Razlan Shah, Class of 2007
Cempaka Damansara isn't just walls and a roof. Teachers, current students, alumni—we are Cempaka Damansara. We are a family who'll remain strong and united, unconquerable and undivided. We may not have a classroom or a dance studio or even a wall, but we've hope, strength and each other. And from what we've witnessed so far, that's enough.

To quote C.C. Scott,"The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it."

Photo credit: Mr Ashwin Mohandas


  1. It happens,nothing is perfect.It is a chalenge to us.

  2. Absolutely remarkable support shown by Cempakans. We stand UNITED. Thank you for all your love & support.

    1. Very true. Together, we can accomplish anything!

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