Saturday 21 September 2013

It's been two weeks since part of our school caught on fire. A week filled with challenges, updates, floods of tweets, but most ultimately, filled with changes for the whole Cempakan community. We thought we'd have a bit more time to let the idea of moving to Cheras sink in. However with the unexpected fire breaking out, everyone found that they'd have to adapt to the change a little quicker than expected.

A fire breaking out, having to move schools - if anyone could be better equipped to handle a situation like this, it's Cempakans. With Dato and Dr Rizal at the helm, with the whole community of students, teachers and parents right behind her, we're already back on our feet, and stronger than ever.

Photo credit: @freidapilus

Desk by desk, book by book, everything had to be transferred from Damansara to Cheras. With every Cempakan - be it a teacher or student, from Damansara or Cheras - eager to lend a helping hand, this herculean task was accomplished in a matter of days.

"Every desk moved is a child's learning continued." - Dato Freida Pilus

Photo credit: Dato' Frieda

Major assembly lines, starting from entrances all the way to classrooms (up several floors!) were formed. It was really heartening to see our fellow Cempakans from Cheras guide us through the buildings that we regarded as a maze, what with its unending stairs, bridges and look-a-like blocks. In the weeks to come we know that they'll continue to guide other lost students as well, as they are already proving that the part of host and receiver will be played to the best of their ability.

Now, the classrooms in our beloved school stand bare, without desks and chairs or even a whiteboard. The labs are empty, the lockers all cleared out, the hallways and corridors deserted and empty. Who knew it'd be the last time we'd gather in the foyer for morning assembly, practice in our beloved dance studio, fall asleep listening to the teachers droning on and on in class, or even play in the field?

The whitewashed building standing on Bukit Damansara has been our home for the past 30 years. And now, Cempakans are rebuilding it together. Not just wall by wall, brick by brick but also memory by memory. "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." - Dr Seuss

Smile because you were there to see another successful big splash. Smile because of all the  performances put up in the hall, all the routines practiced in the dance studio. Smile because of all the times you've trained on the field or on the courts; all the things you've learnt, both inside and outside of the classrooms. Smile because you and your friends are still together, part of one big family.

Photo credit: Dato' Frieda

Things change, memories don't. Not only will memories of our beloved Damansara never fade, but in time to come, we'll build new ones together.

And we shall smile again.

Side-note: Hashtag #CempakaBoleh when you tweet about the big move for Lumen Studet's special CempakaBoleh issue, or #DsaraDays for cherished memories of dear old Damansara.
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