Monday 30 September 2013

by Akhilan Manivannan, Sophomore 2 Cempaka, Class of 2015

Photo credit: Shariz B. Amir Sharji
Every year, Cempaka continues to amaze viewers with its box office production and this year was no different, as Cempakans from all campuses stepped up to the plate in a monumental effort to bring the spectacle that is Tarzan to the theatrical stage. Sure enough, it wasn’t easy, with the cast and crew having merely two months to craft, perfect and finalize the entire production. Despite the incredibly short amount of time, Tarzan was a huge success, exceeding expectations with every show. Showcasing crisp acting, a breathtaking set and pinpoint technical accuracy, Tarzan was testimony to the hard work and dedication of Cempakans.

One performer was given the opportunity to take on the deceivingly intricate and headstrong character of Tarzan. That was none other than Jes Ismael, who as the main man, excelled in all criteria and brought Tarzan to the next level. This was relatively unexpected, as it was Jes’s first time participating in a Cempaka box office production yet I am pleased to say that he has definitely done us proud. Here is a short interview with the man (and king of the jungle) himself, Jes Ismael.

Akhilan: Were you handpicked for the role of Tarzan or did you have to audition for it?

Jes: When the teachers started to talk about it around school, they considered asking me if I was interested but I had to audition anyway.

Akhilan: How did you feel when you got the role?

Jes: I was actually really surprised, in a good way though. I mean, I have always loved trying new things and I guess this was a way to get into something new.

Akhilan: What was the training like and how hard did you have to work to master the role of Tarzan?

Jes: It was a lot of fun. I was tired most of the time, but it just kept me going. I was actually so into it that I got onto a super caveman diet: eating berries, raisins, banana smoothies. It was pretty rad. I would definitely do it again.

Akhilan: Who was the most help to you in perfecting your role?

Jes: There was no one specific, really. Everyone was just very super motivated and friendly, that in turn kept me motivated. Everyone played their part.

Akhilan: What was the atmosphere like during the whole process?

Jes: The vibes were really good. Everyone was filled with energy and just enthusiastic about learning something new. It felt like being in a circus, a constant flow of energy just hitting you back and forth.

Akhilan: Which fellow performer did you enjoy working with the most?

Jes: Hmm, definitely Aiman. She has a lot of experience in performing arts and she helped me a lot. She was the only one who wanted to run scenes when we had nothing on our schedule so we wouldn't mess things up when we rehearse on stage.

Akhilan : How did it feel doing your first show? Were you nervous?

Jes: I'm in a band and I've had gigs with more people so it wasn't as bad as it should have been. Performing to large crowds is pretty alright to me, I'm not too afraid of that.

Akhilan : At the end of the day, are you satisfied with your performance?

Jes: Well, I did mess up here and there, but I’m definitely stoked on how everything went. All in all, things were somewhat smooth and I'm pretty happy about it!

Akhilan : Looking back, do you have any particular memories you would like to share?

Jes: Not in particular, but if I were to go back to memory lane I would have to say the whole experience altogether. It was just so memorable - doing things I've never done before - and I'm not sure how many times I've said this but, it was really fun.

Akhilan : Will we be seeing more of you in next year's Cempaka Box Office production?

Jes: Unfortunately, no. I'll be doing the whole SPM thing. Trying to get that right - I'm definitely not working at a Burger King!
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