Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Written by Amanda Lee Yue Ping, Junior 2 Cempaka, Class of 2014

Yes, I should be studying (or crying, or procrastinating or eating, possibly all of the above). However before I pen my last note, I would like to finish my run as the Editor-In-Chief by thanking the very people who made this term possible. These editors have worked their butts off during their senior year no less, through the hectic FHC season, the 101 school events, the mountains of homework, classwork and work, to provide the schooling community with readable, and dare I say enjoyable articles throughout the whole year. So please read and enjoy. I give to you the people behind the scenes of the Young Journalist Club, the senior editors of 2014. 

School Events Editor, Ryan Yoong Ka Jun

Name: Ryan Yoong Ka Jun. Also know as Ry. 

Side Positions: One-half of the starlet emcee duo. Slave-buddy to Queen Vayonce (aka Seladang deputy captain). Also head of we-hug-trees and animals umbrella society in Cempaka although he has eaten many animals we don’t usually consider as a meal - as stated in Getting To Know Us Part 1. 

Hobbies: Traveling, cooking, talking, writing emails (yes, you saw that right), reciting emotional poetry... just kidding. 

As you might deduce from the Getting to know us article, Ryan’s chocolate cookies are to die for. And while we can’t imagine him in a frilly apron, we can envision him being big on stage in the future, preaching in a suit whilst making energetic hand gestures as he does so often now. 

Most Famous Line: *to be said in a reverent voice with visions of dramatic clouds of dried ice in mind* Gas! Gas!
An excerpt from his emotional poetry recitation during YJC’s Afternoon with the War Poets event. This line is also famously the only line students will most likely remember from the somber yet sleepy An Afternoon with the War Poets assembly.

Other interesting things to note:
1) Sushi Chef
Ryan once went around school dressed as a ninja. Yes, you read that right. For Interact Club’s National Day with Finery, some went round in baju kurungs. Others in cheongsams, saris' and even the occasional han bok. However attired in what he deemed as Japan’s “national attire”, the famous sushi chef- sorry, I mean ninja made his appearance (or disappearance?) that day.

2) The Proposal
The stars were twinkling (the sun was shining). The air was tense with romance (with anticipation). All eyes were fixated on the man in the suit. (Ryan with a ridiculous newspaper-cutout-tie). In a smooth flourish, he knelt down and produced a beautiful diamond ring (a piece of aluminum tin-can), professing his adoration to Puan Farah who unsurprisingly turned down his proposal. The things we do for House Deco competition. Ah well Ryan, she was already taken anyway. 

Article Contributions:
Getting To Know Us came about thanks to the brainchild of Ryan and Amirul Zain. In an effort to get to know the Cheras board better, all the dirty little secrets (not really) of the current senior and soon-to-be outgoing board was aired out - a definite must read by anyone.

However his travel article to New Zealand tops the list. An epic, hilarious one-boy journey to the land filled with fluffy sheep and stunning views, all through the wide (or small) eyes of a Malaysian boy whose wonderment at the organized airport overseas (people queueing up - can you imagine?) did not go unwritten.

What’s next?: 
Traveling of course, for all New Zealand did was give him a bigger hunger to explore the world beyond here. However of course, there is the small factor of cash. And parents. And education. But nonetheless, I’m sure adventures will still find their way to him. 

Boss Lady’s Note: 
Very rarely do articles surface from the depths of your “I can write that lah” and “I’ll handle it”s. However when they do, it’s seriously and hilariously great. You also get the “Always Replies Whatsapp Award!”, for making me feel like I’m not talking to a wall in the group chat. Thank you for your clear-headedness, invaluable advice and the GAS! GAS! joke that will stay with me for life. Thank you for giving your time and contributions to the club. Ryan Yoong Ka Jun, it has been an honour working with you.

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