Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Written by Amanda Lee Yue Ping, Junior 2 Cempaka, Class of 2014

Yes, I should be studying (or crying, or procrastinating or eating, possibly all of the above). However before I pen my last note, I would like to finish my run as the Editor-In-Chief by thanking the very people who made this term possible. These editors have worked their butts off during their senior year no less, through the hectic FHC season, the 101 school events, the mountains of homework, classwork and work, to provide the schooling community with readable, and dare I say enjoyable articles throughout the whole year. So please read and enjoy. I give to you the people behind the scenes of the Young Journalist Club, the senior editors of 2014. 

Deputy Editor In Chief Wye Mun

Name: Chin Wye Mun. Also known as Mun to most. 

Side positions
Besides being my kick-ass sidekick in the Young Journalist club and second in command of the prefectorial board, she’s also head of the umbrella society, Save the World. Whoever said small is powerful obviously knew Wye Mun. 

The powerhouse behind the Lumen Studet, especially when I’m otherwise occupied, Wye Mun helps to keep the chicks in line among managing the Lumen’s twitter, pestering photographers, editing articles and the like. Efficient, fast, productive -You know? She’s like one of those poisons - the ones with labels that read “deadly in small amounts”.  Emphasis on the “small”. However with Wye Mun’s infectious laughter, there’s the added benefit that you might die with a smile on your face. 

Hobbies: Sleeping, eating, sitting down and being unproductive
As relaxed as it sounds, don’t let this lethargic list fool you. Wye Mun is no doubt part of the brain behind the brawn (am I the brawn? I really don’t know) of Lumen Studet. Regardless of her hobbies, things always get done with Wye Mun at the helm. 

Other things to note:
1) Never give your pens to Wye Mun. It’ll come back chewed.
Never touch the tip of her pens either, which has man-made (more like man chewed) craters not unlike the moon’s surface. Our part tagline was “YJC, where the pen is always mightier than the sword”. However in Wye Mun’s case, we might have to add on a tiny side-note - unless that pen belongs to Wye Mun”.

2) She still can’t reach the top compartment of the bus (or the top of the whiteboard for that matter), without having to stretch her arms all the way up whilst stand on tippy toes.
In Getting to Know Us part 1, her height of 149.5cm was exposed to the world. And we do not regret to inform you that she has not grown an inch since. 

Once during the lengthy proceedings of the First House Cup prize giving, Encik Hisham commented to her as they shook hands, “I like it that you’re shorter than me”. 
We like it too Encik Hisham, we like it too.

Article Contributions:
If we name them all, the list would be too long because as you all may or may not know, both Wye Mun and I are responsible behind the monthly editorial notes. So for your convenience, here’s the link to all the editorial notes if you’d like to peruse: http://lumenstudet.cempaka.edu.my/search/?q=editors+note&x=0&y=0

Article of pick: 
Chances are, one out of every five students in out school is a big k-pop fan, and Wye Mun is one such individual. Aside having a tons of poster boys (who look like girls) mixed in with the actual girl bands, covering a wall in her room, she also has various other K-Pop merchandise which she has attempted to lessen by selling her things on line. So if anyone’s interested in boys with severely coloured hair and mascara, you know who to PM. 

If you’re not that into owning pocket files with identical guy’s faces on it, you can check out her article on the recently big-time, popular, “not-your-average-K-Drama” K-drama, White Christmas. And don’t be afraid to comment your views as I’m sure all you k-drama fans are apt to do once a good drama gets you going. 

What’s next?:
So what’s next for Wye Mun? When I questioned her, she replied “studying”. I’m not surprised at that as it’s probably on all the senior’s lists right now if it isn’t “crying” or “giving up on trials”. And who knows, one day this A* student might become a teacher herself - one of her very briefly considered future professions. But if that, or her probable career in actuarial science doesn’t work out, she’s welcome to join me and my band of misfits selling Char Kuey Teow for a living. 

Boss Lady’s Note: 
To my second in command, my liege, my right hand man. To the person who makes me seem taller than I actually am. Thank you for your dedication to the post, and for making YJC what it is today. Without you, we’d all be a little less happy, a little less tall, and probably a lot less efficient than we are today. Chin Wye Mun, it has been an honour to pen articles, and run this newsletter with you. 
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