Friday, 27 September 2013

by Nadia Marissa, Class of 2014, Junior 2 Science 2

Fighting was familiar
(friends fight, families fight) 
Guns were good
(latest technology, 50 calibers) 
And war, 
War is home 
(I had never known anything else) 

My playground was a battlefield,
Of bullets and death.
I played like a soldier,
Cherishing every breath.

My mother’s eyes were brown,
But these days, she’s blue. 
She won’t let me go into town, 
There’s nothing I’m allowed to do. 

My brothers do not know,
About fighting or the war. 
They like missing school, 
Staying home is no chore. 

My father joined the protests,
He wants a better life.
But oh father don’t you see? 
Fighting does not end strife.

My country is at war,
And so war became my home.
At this point in time,
It seems everyone stands 
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