Sunday, 6 December 2015

by Helen Henry

Vern and Lynn Pang, two of the many outstanding students from Cempaka (who credit their academic foundation and enthusiasm for scholastic achievements to their time at Cempaka) made the news in pre-university circles both in the UK and Malaysia. Not only did they get outstanding results in their A Levels but they  both were accepted into top universities in the United Kingdom, with Lynn reading law at the University of Cambridge while her sister Vern was accepted for management studies at the prestigious University of London’s London School of Economics and Political Science.

Having taught both the sisters English language in 2012/13 in Upper Secondary, the two girls did not merely show remarkable prowess in their academic abilities, but displayed good Cempakan values of trustworthiness, loyalty, kindness and a willingness to be helpful to their peers.

In a recent e-mail interview with both the former Cempakans, the sisters paid Cempaka tribute for their success in their academic studies. “Cempaka undoubtedly set me on to the path to where I am today,” writes Lynn. “My teachers and friends that I’ve made have made an enormous impact on the way my life is turning out,”  
Similarly Vern agrees that her time at Cempaka laid the seeds for her success in her studies.
Heading for the UK after Cempaka both the twins enrolled in Cardiff Sixth Form College in January 2014. They did the accelerated 6 month course for their AS year and proceeded to complete their A Levels in a record time, acing examinations in subjects such as Mathematics, Economics, Chemistry and Biology. 
Pang Huey Vern, class of 2013. 

“I would say that the most important step to doing well in exams is to work hard in school and fully understand and comprehend the learning material,” advises Vern.

 Time management, which the girls picked up during their years at Cempaka is also proving useful. “It is crucial to me now,” says Lynn while Vern adds that “time management as well as organising your work will also prove to be very helpful especially as exams begin to approach.

Lynn also adds that many commented on her unusual combination of subjects such as Mathematics, Economics and Chemistry despite knowing she was going to apply to read law.

Pang Huey Lynn, class of 2013. 
“I found it interesting to broaden my scope of knowledge,” she adds. 

These days both the undergraduates are not just blossoming into serious students but into mature students who are coping with tough workloads and learning responsibilities and balancing their studies well. “I occasionally still meet up with Cempakans studying in the UK just to catch up,” writes Lynn.

Cempaka congratulates these two outstanding students and wish them all the best in their undertakings.

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