Wednesday, 4 November 2015

By Yasyika Alegesam, Junior 2 Cempaka, Class of 2016
All photographs taken by Jaclyn Hong, Junior 2 Terra, Class of 2016

On Tuesday 3 November, the typically empty North Hall was turned into a hubbub with a myriad of colours seen in every direction. No words can describe the spectacular sight of teachers, primary students and performers donned in vibrant traditional costumes for this year’s Annual Deepavali Assembly. Deepavali, otherwise known as ‘The Festival of Lights’, is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated all around the world, and the Cempaka Damansara school community is no exception!

The beauty of it all, however, was not easily achieved, as the glittery candles by the stage proved to be a challenge; even burning a few of the prefects in the process. The lit lamps, however, accompanied by two beautifully designed ‘kolams’ (a floor design created using coloured rice flour), contributed immensely to the already contagious festive ambience in the hall.

Finally, at 10.30 sharp, the doors closed and the assembly began. Our emcees, Nithin Sundram and Evelyn Loh, both dressed in stunning traditional Indian garbs, began the event by explaining the history of Deepavali/Diwali. After their brief monologue, the ‘fun part’ of the assembly began; the much-awaited performances by our very own Cempakans.

Lungi Dance Remix, Year 6 Dance Ensemble
Cempakans have always been known to put on some of the best performances in Malaysia. Since the early days of Cempaka, students have stupefied the audience with an array of remarkable acts. This year was no different. Ranging from percussion to singing to dancing, the Indian-themed performances were entertaining and a delight to all. All Bollywood enthusiasts were pleasantly surprised by the medley of popular Hindi songs sung by the primary choir. Songs such as ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ and ‘Dola Re Dola’ brought back childhood memories of dancing to the newest Bollywood song releases. The Mayanga dance, presented by the Junior 1 students, was an impressive delivery. The crowd went wild, especially when Adli Zulkefli delivered a robotic head rotation move, a brilliant addition to the breathtaking choreography. A personal favourite included a dance performed by the Cempaka primary students which combined Punjab music with Western pop, giving it an exotic feel of ‘East meets West’.

Mayanga Dance performed by Junior 1 Students

As always, Dato’ Freida concluded the assembly with one of her inspirational speeches. That day was about commemorating Deepavali to the fullest. For Hindus, Deepavali is one of the most important festivals and celebrating it with friends at school adds a personal touch. This annual assembly emphasises the multi-racial acceptance in Cempaka, which makes our school years more memorable. 

A ‘Happy Deepavali’ to all Hindus and we hope everyone enjoys themselves during this year’s Festival of Lights.

by Cheryl Loh 13:06 7 comments


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