Wednesday, 14 October 2015


Everything just slips by in a flash. As the Class of 2015 just graduated, we will be stepping down from our positions as Head Designers, and put our designing adventures on temporary hold. It seems all good things must come to an end. At the very least, we want to present to you all one final piece, as a gratitude for acknowledging our designs throughout the year. However, a design itself may be monotonous, so we have fused all three elements of YJC into it. (We will try to keep the ‘feels’ as less as possible.) 

As designers, we strive to achieve sophistication, but as Leonardo da Vinci once mentioned, "Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”. Any emotional designs will be too mainstream, or even cliché, which is why here’s a simple art of us, the YJC Design board. 

Designed by Ian Lim, Junior 2 Venter, Class of 2015
An arduous journey indeed. It has never occurred to us that we will be font of designing. To be honest, we died numerous times until an idea sparked in our minds. Nevertheless, the world’s most burdensome decision is still choosing the best font type. There were times where we downloaded 4 or 5 fonts to make pieces of text stand out, but would always revert to old favourites like Brain Flower and sometimes, the more widely used Helvetica. 

However, the feeling of achievement when a decent design is completed makes us the happiest people in the world. Adding on to that when you, viewers, notice our designs, it overjoys us. It is your existence that our interests in designing continues to grow. 

To my team of designers, we thank you too for staying with us. It is because of you that we have a variety of designs. In the previous years, the design board had had the least number of members. Regardless, it is with great pride that we have achieved a feat in expanding our board to more than 10 active members. 

Aaron, Jord, Li Ling, Ian Lim & Gillian Phua

We would like to dedicate a few shout-outs to the senior designers, our design-mates. The most responsible of them all goes to Gillian Phua! She is in fact the earliest person to submit designs, always. Moreover, her ability to draw by hand truly makes her the epitome of an artistic lady. To Aaron, you are seriously a design lord. We have always been impressed by your unlimited creative works (and relatable), that is always shown when you create Keynote presentation slides. Jord, thanks for agreeing to join the team when we asked you to back in 2014. We saw the glow of potential in you, especially in photoshopping. To all of you, you’ve really made it fun, we had a great time. 

Do not fret, continued designs and illustrations will be coming your way, just with a slight change. Our two juniors, who will be replacing our dynamic-designer-duo seats, are Joyce Law and Alysha Kyra. To both of you, our best wishes and we hope that the board will continue to grow under your lead. Definitely, we know that that one day where YJC Design is fully recognized around the school, will come. To the current and future designers, never give in, even when inspiration does not strike. Believe that your creativity is boundless. There are endless possibilities in design, but no single definition. 

Lastly, to whoever is reading this, you have overwhelmed our soul with happiness once again. Therefore, let us take this chance to say to you, “Thank you for everything”. 

See you soon. 


Choo Li Ling & Ian Lim Xin Ze,
Head Designers of 2015 

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