Tuesday, 6 October 2015

by Tan Hao Yu, Nicholas, Junior 1 Cempaka, Class of 2017

Photo by Ryan Lien Kar Sheng
Leadership Evening may not sound like much to many; to a few, however, particularly the Pre-Prefects (Profects), Leadership Evening is one of their most important events. It marks their promotion into Prefectship. After 6 months of probation, Leadership Evening is the end of the long trial, and the beginning of something new.

In preparation of our big day we practice the ceremony over and over again. We swear the oath repeatedly, until the words are committed to muscle memory. Some would say it fuses within us and it does not become merely something to be sworn out loud, but a practice, a responsibility, a promise.

We receive our new ties, green and red, tied by our Prefects in front of our parents, principals, teachers, and family. Standing alongside our friends, we step up to the front of the stage, where in the shine of the spotlights, we shout our oath. And when we step off the stage, we are prefects, one with the school. 

After the Prefect ceremony we have the Handing Over Of Duties, where the outgoing Head Prefects and Deputy Head Prefects from both campuses officially hand over their duties and responsibilities to the new Head Prefects and Deputy Head Prefects. 

This was followed by the speeches of the Head Prefects, Ms. Ruhaani Mahadeva from the Damansara Campus and Master Tan Kian Leong. Standing ovations were commonplace as we stood to honour the hard work and dedication of our Head Prefects. 

As the Senior Prefects leave, the Junior Prefects take their place, all with different characters and personalities, but together; something new.

To the Outgoing Prefects, thank you. We will uphold the Cempaka Damansara Prefectorial Board’s reputation. All of us will miss you, and we hope you had a truly memorable schooling life at Cempaka. The road ahead in life may be an uncertain one, but I certainly hope it will be one filled with good memories and experiences.

The Cempaka Prefectorial Oath

I, mindful of the duties 
And responsibilities of a prefect,
And always conscious,
That upon the bearing of a prefect,
Rests the tone of the School, 
Hereby Accept,
The Office of Prefectship.
I solemnly resolve,
To carry out my duties,
And bear my responsibilities,
To the best of my ability. 

by Nicholas Tan 15:36 10 comments


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