Wednesday, 8 October 2014


If there was a beauty pageant for the ‘Most Terrifying Month of the Year’, you’ll be sure to see October take the title.

In fact, you’d probably watch her parading around in a skimpy glittery tube dress, seconds after stealing the crown from May as she had done time and time again. And rightly so: May might have been a solid contender with the stress of our first major exam of the year, but October has an added advantage - Halloween. A month filled with gory horror movie marathons, creepy pranks and reenactments of sinister rituals (that you'll probably regret later on at midnight as you keep close eye on the door). Not forgetting, ghost stories - because what Halloween would be complete without some gruesome tales to freak you out?

Being the sadistic little month October is however, a mere ghost story is probably the least of our worries.

Exams unfortunately are right around the corner, and the next two weeks are going to be filled with endless panic and sleepless nights - unless of course, you are one of those few wonderful students who actually study CONSISTENTLY WITHOUT FAIL, an otherwise dying art in this day and age. Weeks before, we revelled in the fact that we had a week off in conjunction with Deepavali....until the exam timetables revealed that in some wicked twist of fate, all the science papers were conveniently placed before the much anticipated holiday.

October vs General Human Populace: 1-0

October is also the month where we look majestically to the future. Tomorrow, the seniors - people who have come to become an almost unquestioned constant in our school lives - will be graduating. They may not have studied in the same classrooms as us, but many of them have been in this school since we first wore the checkered white-and-yellow dresses of a Reception student, and it's almost terrifying to think that we won't be seeing those familiar faces pass us by in the hallways anymore. 

Leaving the security of the seemingly endless five year routine, they'll be heading off on their own paths through the unpredictable world.

Meanwhile, the Form 4s and Junior 1s will officially become seniors, stepping into the now empty shoes once deservedly filled by the graduating batch of 2014. Feverishly (and almost desperately), we hope that it fits - which is pretty daunting, considering that the seniors have left us with some of the biggest pairs of shoes in Cempakan history. And yes, who else could we be talking about besides Manda and Mun?

This is a month of terror and fear, inevitable truths and accepting the grim reality of knowing that there is nothing much you can do to prepare yourself for the unknowingness of the future. But that is exactly what this issue is about - capturing the hopeful moments and essence behind the attempt of evening the score in this furious battle against October.

Once we make it through these 31 days of horror, all of us will truly be embarking on yet another crazy roller coaster ride (be it preparing for life after high school, or facing the reality of having to write monthly Editor's Notes). It will be tough, and many will consider yielding to the pressure halfway, but not to fear - we from YJC will be there with you every step of the way.

Wishing you the best in whatever you do,
Alisraa and Akhilan

P.S. Bonus points to those who spot the reference to Mr Sheat (which was completely necessary, namely because we are oh-so-prepared for his potentially fatal Chemistry paper)

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