Friday, 31 October 2014

by Kong Xin Mei, Form 4 Science 1, Class of 2014

Malaysian spooks have made quite the legendary mark around the community. Just the mention of the ghoul Pontianak can get the hair at the back of your neck rising, with it being the subject of far too many local and Indonesian horror movies. Even the Pocong, a dead soul trapped in its shroud, has made quite the household name of itself. And of course, when something goes missing, who else is there to blame besides a miniature oil-covered man known as a Toyol? 

To merely overlook the rest of the local ghouls believed to be lurking in the shadows would be an insult to our country's rich culture and diversity of beliefs. There are many other mythical monstrosities that aren’t quite as popular yet - but not to fear (pun intended), because we at YJC have decided to satisfy your hunger for the unknown - or at very least, rob you off a few hours of sleep tonight.

1. Hantu Penanggal

This ghost could easily be classified as one of the most gruesome-looking creatures of all time. You could even say that it has quite the unique look, mainly because it does not have much of a body. Yes, you read the right - all that you will be able to see is a head floating in mid-air, some strands of hair, and a trail of organs attached to it. Nonetheless, these creatures could be very deceiving as they appear as ordinary women in broad daylight, but bodiless demons at night. Terrifying, isn't it?

It is believed that this female supernatural creature lives off human blood, with the blood of babies and unborn fetuses being its favourite. So it comes as no surprise that the Hantu Penanggal is often blamed for the sudden miscarriages or drastic blood loss in a pregnant woman. Fortunately for us, every creature has its weakness, with the Hantu Penanggal being no exception.

In this case, the Hantu Penanggal is terribly afraid of a local plant known as 'Mengkuang' and pineapples. The sharp thorns of this plant and fruit would either trap or injure the ghost’s exposed organs. So always eat your pineapples, folks!

2. The Mohini

Famous in the Indian community, a Mohini is commonly seen as a women dressed up in the Indian traditional costume, the sari. To put things a bit more into perspective, you could say that this ghoul somewhat resembles the famous Pontianak given the fact that it preys on men as well. The main difference between a Mohini and a Pontianak is its origins - the Pontianak is believed to be a lady who passed away with a fetus in its belly, while the Mohini is a suicidal soul who failed to achieve love in life.

This creature also does not devour its prey, but instead lures them into a trap using its powers of seduction. These unfortunate men are forced to spend the rest of their life with her, and will eventually wither away and die.
Victims have described the 'Mohini' as a beauty covered in a white sari, with a baby in its hands. In this appearance, it then starts to allure men. Once prey has been taken, the ghoul will ask the victim to hold its child while it reconstructs itself into its original form, which has been described to be a hideous blood-dripping, zombie-like figure. 

3. Jiangshi

Originally from China, Jiangshi has gained popularity in our country and is now feared by predominantly the Malaysian-Chinese community. These creatures are actually rotted corpses dressed up in traditional Qing Dynasty costumes. 
Jiangshi is created when a soul is unable to leave its deceased body, often due to its tendency to stir up trouble, or a suicide.

What makes the Jiangshi so distinctive is how it travels from one place to another - it hops forward, with its arms outstretched due to a disability leaving it unable to bend its limbs and body. It also has a greenish-white complexion, which was believed to be caused by the fungus or mould growing on the corpse body.

These parasites suck the life force out of living creatures during broad daylight and hibernate through the night. However, they do not have the sense of sight, speech, or consciousness, and catch their prey through their keen sense of smell. 

So kids, if you ever encounter a Jiangshi, hold your breath and who knows, you might just be able to escape with your soul intact. (keyword: might)

After reading about these three horrifying creatures, you may feel a little frightened. And with good reason - Halloween is said to be the time where the line between the other world is at its thinnest, allowing even more unknown creatures to roam freely through the night. Who knows, maybe one of them could be standing behind you this very second and we may not even know it. 

Happy Halloween! 


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  4. In this case, the Hantu Penanggal is terribly afraid of a local plant known as 'Mengkuang' and pineapples. The sharp thorns of this plant and fruit would either trap or injure the ghost’s exposed organs. So always eat your pineapples, folks!


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