Sunday, 24 August 2014

Written by Akhilan Manivannan, Junior 1 Higgs, Class of 2015
Photos taken by Lai Li Chan, Junior 1 Higgs, Class of 2015

Just recently, we at YJC had one of our most coveted and successful events in Cempaka history, when after months of hard work, the "An Afternoon With The War Poets" event came into fruition. The event was designed to enlighten all our fellow Cempakans on the toils of World War 1, and on the 100th anniversary of its horrific mark in history no less. 

To do this, an exhibition was held with creative and informative stations - designed and prepared solely by the students themselves! The exhibition was divided into separate sections scattered all around the entrance to the hall, organised in a way that viewers can absorb quick and comprehensive information on different aspects of the war. The contents of the exhibition were wonderfully diverse, featuring a barrage of posters, an incredible model of a WW1 fighter plane, beautiful drawings, models of the ever loathsome trenches and many more. 

We also took the opportunity to highlight some of the literary superstars of the time, the esteemed war poets whose pieces based on the devastation are mind-numbingly immortal and heart-wrenchingly brilliant. Some of our very own writers and editors took on the task of bringing the experiences of these war poets to life, by reciting masterpieces ranging from "In Flanders Field" all the way up to "Butchers and Tombs". The entire experience was enhanced further by tearjerking music from the age itself, and an overall heart stopping solemnity. 

If those weren't enough, a remembrance tree adorned with message inscribed poppies was also stationed on stage,the blood red poppies of course signifying and commemorating the many deaths in the terrible war. Esteemed founder and mentor of Cempaka Schools Dato Frieda, was first to tie her poppy on the tree, followed by honourable guest, Pauline Vey, Encik Hisham, principals, teachers and other students filling the tree with their own messages as the afternoon dragged onwards.

Many say pictures often speak louder than words, but here at YJC we have both, and to allow some of our Cempakans to relive those inspiring moments, not to mention show our non-Cempakan readers a bit of the magic as well, here we have a photo diary of "An Afternoon With The War Poets".

YJC Editor-in-Chief Amanda Lee giving an impassioned speech on the devastating First World War.
Nicholas reciting Wilfred Owen's "Anthem For Doomed Youth" 
Alisraa binti Aldin Bakar reciting John Mcrae's "In Flanders Fields"
Tiara Hana-Marie Ruidavet reciting Siegfried Sassoon's "Prelude: The Troops"

Arthur Lee Ting An reciting Siegfried Sassoon's "Glory Of Women"
Akhilan Manivannan reciting Ivor Gurney's "Butchers and Tombs".

Ryan Yoong Ka Jun reciting Wilfred Owen's "Dulce Et Decorum Est" 
Ryan Yoong Ka Jun, finishing off the recitation with arguably the poem of the afternoon.
("Gas, Gas! Quick, boys!")
A poppy wreath to commemorate the fallen soldiers.
Founder, mentor of Cempaka Schools Dato Frieda Pilus scribing a message on one of the symbolical poppy flowers.
Dato Frieda Pilus tying her poppy onto a branch of the Poppy Tree.
Dato Frieda closing the ceremony with a heartfelt and motivational speech.
Badges designed by our very own designers.

Painstakingly-made cutouts depicting fleets dreadnoughts and battlecruisers from the Battle of Jutland,  the greatest naval battle of The First World War.

Believe it or not - This model of the standard biplane used during World War I is made out entirely out of mounting board, sticks and of course, some good old-fashioned tape. 

Half of the four-man team posing in front of their Air Warfare exhibit. 

Amanda Lee welcoming the principals to the exhibition.

Special guest Pauline Wey signing the exceptionally drawn welcoming portrait.

Dato Frieda signing the exceptionally drawn welcoming portrait.

Dato Frieda, honourable guest Pauline Wey, Encik Hisham, Pn Farah and Doctor Fanny viewing the opening exhibit.

Dato Freida, Encik Hisham, principals, teachers and honoured guest, Pauline Vey posing with the hard workers behind the off-stage exhibition. 

Natasha Wong and her team presenting their interpretation of the infamous WW1 Trenches. 

Austin Ng and his team presenting their detailed fighter plane diagrams.

Dato Frieda looking through an old viewfinder.
Special guest Pauline Wey looking through an old viewfinder.

Atief Ashkari and his team presenting their posters and cut-out ships.
The freshmen students presenting their hard work and research on their station "US Entry into World War I". 

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