Thursday 24 July 2014

Written by Ho Wye Yew, Sophomore Cempaka, Class of 2016

Neo Nvan Netereok
Rocky Red Cliffs
30th June 2014

Cempaka Damansara Campus
19 Jalan Setia Bakti 1
Bukit Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur

Dear Earthling,

I received a letter from you a year ago, asking me to describe how I spend my summer holidays. Unlike your two month holiday, Martians get to relax for 6 Earth months since our summer is longer than yours! Be warned: do not get overwhelmed by the complexity and absurdity of what I shall write below. Keep in mind that Mars and the Earth are two different planets, so expect a huge cultural shock!

After the mundane term, my friends and I usually head to the meteor valley to play a game of Meteorball. Usually, we have to wear ‘gravity gainers’ which overcome the lack of gravity and pull us downwards in our everyday lives. Basically, Mars has a significantly lower amount of gravity than your planet and as such we will float in the air during this game. When the game commences, two hundred meteor balls will be unleashed upon us on the field. As individuals, we need to catch as many balls as we can to win the game. The twist is, that when you place your meteor balls back into the cage, they may escape so you are required to keep an eagle eye on it. The highlight of this game is that a rush of adrenaline and pure excitement always surges through you when you try to partake in the frenzied pandemonium for the first time.

To the contrary of all the commotion, many Martians enjoy hiking up Arsia Mons to enjoy the serenity of what the mountain has to offer. Whenever I get the solitude to stroll briskly up the mountain, I grab the chance to gaze at the psychedelic sunset, where a warm orange glow of sunlight glistens upon the edges of the clear yellow sky. Purple clouds envelop the vicinity, creating a picturesque yet mystic panorama. Eerie but interesting creatures can be found roaming the area. Defining fun on Mars is not just the presence of friends and activities but also by observing Nature’s talent. Although many people do not even notice it, there are so many things to learn in this area which really defines the educational side of my summer fun. For instance, observing a different creature can improve your biological knowledge on the classification of Martian animals.

If the gruelling sun takes its toll on me, heading to my mother’s dance studio would be ideal. Not only have Martians placed first place consecutively in universal dancing competitions with their authentic ‘jelly dancing’, we have been accorded with twisting dances from different planets as well. At first, when I tried dancing, I forgot to put my ‘gainers’ on, so I ended up twisting my entire body in mid air. It was a real disaster. Nonetheless, failure is the head start to success. As I learned new techniques, I felt more confident in meandering myself across the hall.

In life, I believe that people should experience their summer fun by indulging in unattempted activities yet having that irresistible feeling of excitement, enrichment and exhilaration. Holidays filled with opportunities should not be demolished by stress and pressure. One word of advice—prepare cold refreshments with you! On Mars, all of us get dehydrated extremely easily so we need more redeau, which is our source of hydration. Anyways, I hope you will invent some activities on Earth based on mine! Cheers!

Regards, Neo.


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