Tuesday 20 May 2014

by Amirul Zain, Form 5 Science 2, Class of 2014

My grandfather’s grandfather once told my grandfather who in turn told me 
That classes used to be beneath trees
They used to have textbooks made out of coconut leaves 
Pencils out of charcoal
And stools made out of what was left of the dirt on the ground
And with every vein of his being he swore he never would have believed what he sees now

He told me that it will change
There will come a time where sports are for all
A day where graphite and paper were wedded holy matrimony
A day where we learn from computers and teach with lights

What used to be a cacophony of sticks and stones
Is now a symphony of string and skin
Producing the different tones required to stage the best musicals

A day where words are expressed in writing 
And ideas are projected through digital imagery
From out the back of our minds they taught us to think
They made us learn the difference between creativity and reality

This is the day they taught us to articulate 
They would teach us to use every percent of ourselves and demonstrate
And make us feel like an Olympian with nothing more than C
And make us feel like washouts with an A-

My grandfather once told me
That this is not possible

There will come a time where we learn to celebrate unity
Embrace the unembracable
Conquear potential
We will sing with pride
Run with direction
And thrive for preservation
Under what circumstance will we fail
If we choose to stand by strength
And consume power
Experience perfection
Frolic in grace
Monopolise victory
And bask in the limelight

There will be someone who will teach us the Sun and the Moon
The stars and the planets 
And paint the entire galaxy in the back of our minds
So I can tell them
“Hey I can see the entire galaxy in the back of my mind”

You are a wizard
A mermaid
A magician
A knight
A queen
A sorcerer
A warrior
A hero
A God amongst mortals

You raised us
From diapers to jockstraps
You are our castle
Our saviour
Because what we have is priceless
We are energised to the point where we attract lightning
Because even Zeus envies us

I think back
Of all the times I got hit
And pinched
And have bitter stings thrown at my face
Of all the calls from school I would get at home
All those lunch times I spent finishing overdue homework
And the detentions I used to get
And will definitely get some more

I am who I am today because of you
We cannot thank you enough

What my grandfather's grandfather's grandfather would regard unfeasible
One woman stood up to say
To us Cempakans
Nothing is impossible

- Performed by Amirul Zain on 19th May 2014, in conjunction with Appreciation Day Assembly as a tribute to our Founder & Mentor, Dato' Freida Pilus, and to all teachers and mothers. 

Design by Lim Jade, Junior 2 Cempaka, Class of 2014

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