Sunday, 11 May 2014

written by the Panel (Austin Ng, Akhilan Manivannan, Class of 2015, Ryan Yoong, and Amanda Lee, Class of 2014)

The successors of ex-captains, Azmin Massoumi, Jamie Kok and Seah Chin Lee stepped up to take their place, just in time for the first event, Games Carnival. Known as Helang’s strong point booster, it was up to Colin Yoong and Amirah Farhanah to see how the gold medals would play out during the matches. It came as quite a blow, when unforeseen circumstances led Helang to incur multiple penalties, putting them at a disadvantage right off the bat. 

Photo Credit : En Khairul

“As of now, I believe we are doing well so far in the race, but I can't say much as it is still in the early stages of the FHC. We won 2 events so far, but due to the huge number of penalized points from the Games Carnival we are at a big disadvantage.”
Colin Yoong Shern Zian, Helang House Captain 2014

When asked, Colin unsurprisingly mentions that Helang is not strong in only one particular category but they are, instead, a jack of all trades. A master of all? -  still yet to be proven. Comparing the Helangs now to the Helangs back then, he states that there is a not much of a difference. He believes the seniors now are as proficient, if not even better as previous seniors were in the year before. The cup just barely slipped through their claws last year, by a mere 0.3 points, proving the point that Helang was one tough house to beat. 

Photo Credit : En Khairul

When asked on the future competitions, Amirah has high hopes and believes that the Helangs can win anything if they put their hearts and souls into it. It may be a tough competition but Helangs don’t back down that easily. She emphasizes on the teamwork between the Helangs, be it the juniors with the seniors or the Helangs and the teachers. “We planned and worked together, though there were some rough times and we never gave up whilst kept pushing until the end.” says Amirah.

Though they have a few flaws here and there - like every other house, Colin and Amirah remain sanguine about the possibility of Helang taking back the FHC title this year. “There is always enough room for upgrades and improvement and that is why Helang is not backing down this year; not now, not ever.” For Helang, things may have just kicked into gear what with sports day and swimming gala still ahead of us. With some of the hectic events put behind in the past, they now focus on what lies ahead. Stiff competition, high spirits and exhilarating performances are almost guaranteed from the boys and girls in yellow. You better get ready for the Eagle's Attack!  

Photo Credit : En Khairul

What the Panel has to say:

Helang’s shaky position in the first event of the First House Cup was a tough blow to the usually sports-orientated house. It’s not all over however. This year’s Games Carnival is unexpectedly long and dragged out. The Eagles still have tennis to vie for. Though this last Games Carnival event is usually conquered easily by the bears who have renowned tennis player Balaguru in their paws, Helang’s position in tennis may or may not help to switch up the placings right now, if not boost up their own position. Besides Games Carnival, the Eagles also placed a competent third in the recent Interhouse Dance Competition. Not a big shocker given the fact that Beruang always had the upper paw in this particular pie. It was also a tremendous win indeed for Helang at the House Decoration Competition, where they had placed first on the board.

Photo Credit : En Khairul

With a good scale of intellectuality and athleticism, Rumah Helang has much to prevail in the upcoming events, with hopefully one of them being the Annual Swimming Gala. Though the history books are not in their favour, with Helangs having not won Swimming Gala in years, determination is still key - and that’s one thing everyone in Helang has in plenty. 

For the time being, Helang has been doing fairly well in terms of maintaining the score. If you take everything into account, Rumah Helang still has a pretty good prospect of snatching back the FHC trophy and to win back its title as FHC Champion. With it's reins being held by two very capable individuals, not forgetting Mr Shaik as their house master followed closely by the very formidable and determined Puan Nurra at it's helm, the other houses had better be wary of the Eagles sharp talons.  

Photo Credit : En Khairul

Our closing question to Colin was, “Before stepping down as the house captain, what would your last words be to the Helangs?”

"It's not easy. The journey, the process and the amount of preparation that goes on behind the scenes should never be underestimated. However, with everyone working together, it makes things just that much easier. So, to the upcoming seniors who will take our place, be leaders, not commanders; and to the juniors who will follow closely behind them, be contributions, not retributions. Helangs; I believe that we will win. Do you?"

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