Tuesday 4 February 2014


After Launchpad, January became a blur of lessons and topical tests, classes and homework. We’ll admit that it has been taxing, especially with teachers going through the syllabus like freight trains, frantically repeating the words, ‘There’s no time! There's no time!’, like some sort of mantra - and this being just the beginning of the year. 

Its true that the sheer number of extracurricular activities have given the teachers something to be worried about, hence the earful for even just a five-minute late arrival to class. Five minutes, not one, because floating in Cheras is a particularly challenging endeavour. With stairs, stairs, and more stairs to climb, it isn't surprising that our thighs and backs are burning after just one week of school. Not to mention the new classroom names take a little getting used to - we’ve seen many a student wandering through the corridors like lost sheep looking for the rest of the flock. And we can't count the number of times we’ve been asked for directions to S2 - the furthest classroom at the Cheras block, a good number of stairs away, to everyone's chagrin. 

With so much going on, this one week break is much needed. Whether you celebrate it or not, Chinese New Year is a pretty interesting time for all, filled with reunion dinners, relatives, not-so-legal fireworks, and home-cooked comfort food that fall into the ‘only my mother/aunt/grandmother can cook this right’ category. 

We have a lot in store for us post-CNY-holidays. Senior games carnival, games carnival, and Valentines day make up the most of our February - all events that will be covered by our dedicated YJC team as they unfold. In short, savour the remaining precious few off-days, as we can guarantee that February will bring about a whole new definition of ‘busy’. 

Happy Chinese New Year!
Amanda Lee Yue Ping & Chin Wye Mun
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