Monday 17 February 2014

written by the Panel (Akhilan Manivannan, Alisraa Aldin, Lee Ting An & Tiffany Tan, class of 2015)

In what can only be described as a roller-coaster ride hurtling off its tracks, the First House Cup 2013 was a thrilling and nail-biting experience for each and every Cempakan. Going back to its roots as Merpati, Rumah Beruang clinched the title away from Helang in a tension soaked finish. 

“We were never leading at any point throughout the competition & with such incredibly great competitors no less, but in the end with all your blood, sweat & tears, I am so proud to say that we finally made it.”
- Wong Shi Jinn, Merpati House Captain 2013

Photo Credit : Mr. Ashwin

While the year of the dove will forever be remembered by all Beruangs involved, 2014 is a new year. With the Annual Games Carnival having begun early in extremely rushed conditions (in November 2013), this year is shaping up to be an even more unpredictable FHC Year than any before. Luckily for the bears, they started their campaign off well by achieving a great second place lead so far in the Annual Games Carnival 2014. 

New Beruang house captain, Ezzamel Zarif very aptly compared this year’s FHC to the English Premier League due to the extremely tight competition and level of unpredictability. However he remains confident in Beruang’s chances of retaining the FHC title and is happy with current performances, although he concedes that there is always room for improvement. When asked of his opinion on the extremely early Games Carnival 2014, Ezzamel agreed that it was difficult to prepare for because of time constraints and lack of key players participating due to holidays. Furthermore he also shed some light on a few injuries to participants here and there due to the arduous training sessions held by sports captains. Despite the problems however and the latest painful last placing for House Decoration this year, Ezzamel stated that it was remarkable to see everyone in Beruang coming together and giving it their all to contribute to their house.

When asked on which FHC event he thought Beruang could struggle with the most, Ezzamel unsurprisingly stated the Annual Swimming Gala, as Beruang does not have the best track record over the years when it comes to Swimming Gala. When asked on which FHC event he thought Beruang could excel at, Ezzamel picked out 3 events that Beruang has done extremely well in, in the past. These 3 events are the Interhouse Dance Competition, CeMA and Intellectual Week (Maths Olympiad and English Competitions). Ezzamel  stressed especially on the teamwork and co-operative prowess of the Beruangs. In his words exactly, “We have juniors and seniors contributing ideas for CEMA from previous years, seniors helping out the younger category dancers with their routines and others helping out our debaters, oratory speakers and many more. I would say that we have a really, really good opportunity to win those three events mentioned above.”

What the Panel has to say :
We can definitely say that Beruang, especially the senior levels, for one, never fail to give us dance routines executed with perfect synchronicity. Stunning the judges, wowing the crowd and frustrating the other competitors to no end. As for CeMA and the intellectual competitions, we feel that all the houses are almost on the same footing. 

Photo Credit : Encik Khairul

With a very good balance of both sportsmen and academically-talented people, Rumah Beruang certainly has it all covered with perhaps the exception of Swimming Gala. A surprising turn would definitely be the recent House Decoration event, where Beruang placed fourth in comparison to last year's gold medal. In overall, from what we see this year, Rumah Beruang stands quite a good chance to retain it's position as first in the First House Cup competition. Not only is Beruang headed by two very capable and known leaders of the school, the juniors in Beruang are also enthusiastic and sporting. If they are able to weather through the problems above, the bears could very well rock the house once more. 

Photo Credit: Mr Ashwin

Our final question to Ezzamel was, “If you had a gathering of each and every Beruang in front of you, but you could only use one sentence for motivation, what would it be?” 

"If you ever feel like giving up, just remember why you started." 
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