Friday, 24 April 2015

by Christianne and Aditya, Year 6 Terra

The Snail and the Whale is a very audience interactive play. The play is about a daughter and her father who goes away to work in the navy. The daughter misses her father and then decides to send a painting to him. He sends back a CD for her to listen to him telling her favorite bedtime story.

The characters are: the daughter, performed by Lucy Grace, the father, performed by Tim Hibberd and the narrator and violinist, performed by Charlotte Mafham. We really enjoyed this play because the actors were asking us questions that we could answer during the play. They even came into the crowd to play with us. The best part was when they came up and sprayed us with water guns.

They improvised very well by using a bed, a table, a bookcase and a chair to make the whale. The bookcase was the head, the bed and table was the body and the chair was the tail. The headset that the daughter was using to listen to her father had two antennae to make it look like the snail on the whale's tail.

We think Tall Stories is an amazing theatre company and that they create amazing plays. WE had a lot of fun during the play and so did our friends. We hope to see more plays performed by Tall Stories.
Year 6 Terra
Year 5 Aqua
Entrance Ticket
Charlotte Mafham with the snail beside her
The Whale


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