Tuesday 30 September 2014

Written by Amanda Lee Yue Ping, Junior 2 Cempaka, Class of 2014

Yes, I should be studying (or crying, or procrastinating or eating, possibly all of the above). However before I pen my last note, I would like to finish my run as the Editor-In-Chief by thanking the very people who made this term possible. These editors have worked their butts off during their senior year no less, through the hectic FHC season, the 101 school events, the mountains of homework, classwork and work, to provide the schooling community with readable, and dare I say enjoyable articles throughout the whole year. So please read and enjoy. I give to you the people behind the scenes of the Young Journalist Club, the senior editors of 2014. 

On-the-front Editor Chua Zi
Name: Chua Zi. Also known as Zi.

I can’t count the number of times teachers have asked Zi with a confused look on their face, “Do you have a surname/middle?” No, no she doesn’t, deal with it. 

Hobbies: Reading, tweeting..?! 

Other interesting things to note: 
1) Bob 
Zi is famous for cutting her hair by herself yet still being able to come out looking like a million dollars. You know how some people can pull off short hair and others can't? Well she can. We don’t know if that’s just her professional hair-dressing skills, or just her fabulous hair but thumbs up Zi! 

2) One-girl-wonder 
Blessed by the god of Barbies with limbs that seemingly have no bones, it was only natural her gymnastic skills in Primary should progress to her becoming part of Beruang’s all star dance group. An elite group of hardcore dancers who are known for their strict practice regimes but more famously for their show-stopping moves on stage. 

Zi also pleasantly surprised everyone when she performed on stage with best friend Auriel during commencements, but not to dance, to sing! I also happen to know she plays piano, the drums, guitar and the violin on a small scale. She’s your Performing Arts all-rounder all right. 

3) Best Twitter Award 
Zi’s tweets can make you laugh out loud, embarrassing yourself over the dinner table. Like how in her articles she’s not afraid to speak the uncomfortable truth with bits of sarcasm and humour at the expense of the human race, her Twitter page is both hilarious and enlightening. I sometimes restrain myself from tweeting what I feel like, lest you find yourselves one head prefect short the next morning, and it’s fine, as I can live vicariously through Zi’s tweets. So keep churning out your 160 characters worth of humbling-sarcastic-honest-to-good tweets Zi.

Famous line: And yooooou, called me sugaaaaaaaar-rrrrr 

Article Contributions:
We couldn’t find a position more suited to Zi when we bestowed upon her the position of On the front editor. Widely read and never afraid to speak her mind her articles are always a refreshing read and a change from the usual rambling school article. 

She’s covered a couple of important happenings the past year, namely the Typhoon Haiyan disaster, the haze epidemic, the Sewol Ferry incident and MH370.

Article of pick: 
Though this article doesnt even fall into her jurisdiction, what started out as a compulsory yearbook-must-write-or-suffer-the-wrath-of-IB-article, ended up becoming a truly heartfelt yet not overly cheesy article of dance and friendship. She asks all the right questions, hitting the core of the article spot on. 

My second favourite which should definitely merit a mention would be her 101 on How to Eat a Human. Need I say more? 

What’s next? 
She’s says if all else fails, she’ll be looking at editorial positions in magazines. Yep, that’s wonderful Zi, we’re glad journalism is your fallback plan and we’re just going to take it as a compliment here. 
If not you can always still consider the plethora of career choices your multiple skills entail. And my CKT-stall-to-be could always use an entertainer cum hair stylist. 

Boss Lady’s Note: 
Thanks for giving me a good laugh every time I look at your face when the teachers start to ramble on a bit too much. Thank you for giving the Lumen rare articles of substance, articles I’m sure any magazine or newspaper would be proud to have written. I not only admire your writing skills, but also your general knowledge about the most random things ever. Chua (no middle name) Zi, it has been an honour to work with you.
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  29. Senior Spotlight: Chua Zi
    While I should be voicer over , I want to thank the incredible senior editors who made this year amazing! Zi, you've brought humor, talent, and insightful articles to The Young Journalist. From typhoon coverage to "How to Eat a Human," your writing is captivating. Your dance skills are impressive too! Good luck in journalism, or maybe my future CKT stall? -khalid elarbi, voicer over
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