Friday, 6 June 2014


We've all been counting down to it and finally, after weeks of studying, test papers, sports practices and dreaded results, the month of June has finally come and with it, the long-awaited Mid-Year Holidays. 

That last sentence just feels so good it needs to be said again; It's the Mid-year holidays! In fact we can't imagine anyone saying that sentence without jumping up and down while hollering it, yes, it's that good. As much as we love classes and sports practice (though the latter may be a bit of a stretch), the mere mention of the holidays makes one all warm and fuzzy on the inside thinking about all the lazy days of nothing ahead. We can finally sleep in, become zombies, go out, watch movies, or whatever else school deprives us of doing (though becoming zombies might be excluded from that list); the world is your oyster. 

To get you into the holiday mood (which unless you're a stick-in-the-mud, you should be in one already), we've chosen the theme of Summer Fun this month. From travel articles of sunny, sandy beaches and lovely vistas, to movie reviews of the various much-awaited movies coming up this summer - we'll try our best to cover them all. We've also got something up our sleeves, which will hopefully be revealed to you all later in the week, so do stay tuned! 

Also look out for many an article on the year 2013 which we'll be throwbacking as part of our collaboration on the IB student's yearbook project. Working together with the them to painstakingly gather (more like beg for) articles, we're glad to see that this project will come to light soon, and we for one can't wait to see the final product! 

Looking back on Manic May, it really was a crazy month but like we said in our last editors' note, it's something we'd look back on and wish we could experience again. For the seniors out there, we just swam our last lap, scored our last goal, faced the terrifyingly high rope during high jump for the last time. Though our legs still turned to jelly when it was our turn to walk the talk and do what we've been cajoling our juniors to do all day, SFA was definitely to sum it all up in one word - fun. (wow, and we call ourselves the YJC). I'm also sure we can all agree, persuading scared freshman to jump into the pool was a riot. 

The remaining school events include CeMA and the academic events so be ready to switch out your football boots for boring school shoes and your swimming caps for thinking caps. On that note, we'd like to wish everyone a very happy holiday!

Happy holidays from your Editor-in-Chief and Deputy,
Amanda Lee and Chin Wye Mun.
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