Wednesday 23 April 2014

by Anishaa Jeyakumar and NurHabibah Ishak, Junior 2 Cempaka, Class of 2014

For all the newbies out there, the answer is no. Clean-eating is not a form of torture. Think of it instead as a complimentary factor; working towards your health goals while still eating well.

Photo Credit : Anishaa Jeyakumar
The idea behind clean-eating is not always about losing weight. It is about achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle by excising chemicals and eliminating as much processed food from your diet as possible.

There are 5 parts to the basic method of clean eating. Here are the tips for a much smoother transition from those naughty eating habits :

1. Go brown or go home: This means depending on brown rice and other whole grains as opposed to the Asian favourites. White rice is refined and so, does not retain its nutritional value. It is stripped of almost half of its essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, zinc and magnesium.

2. Plenty of greens and lean meat, but don't forget to fatty up: Think about the whole variety for this choice. You and I both know it is huge. Eating clean does not mean starving yourself, so you should never feel hungry or deprived. You will know you’re doing it correctly when you’re satisfied. Consume nature. The more unprocessed, the better. Constantly try to incorporate greens into your meal. Fun fact: darker vegetables are usually more rich in nutrients. Moving on, fat is good; The right kind of fat, we mean. Eat food which contains more unsaturated fat as opposed to saturated fat. For example in olive oil, coconut oil and foods such as avocados, salmon and nuts (almonds, especially).

Photo Credit : Anishaa Jeyakumar
3. Snack often: There is a misconception that eating less will help you lose weight. In fact, it slows 
 your metabolism so when you do eat something your body immediately stores it as fat. Snacking 
 will do the reverse, but only if you snack right. Try carrots with avocado dip as opposed to potato 
chips, fruit juice instead of Starbucks, etcetera.

Photo Credit : Anishaa Jeyakumar

4. The Occasional Treat: Who says you can’t enjoy the little things in life anymore? The clean 
 eating lifestyle isn’t a penitentiary. Every once in a while, go have a slice of red velvet cake, a
 box of pizza or whatever you desire. Keep in mind, a treat does not mean a week of binge eating. 
Some reserve a day in a week, and some prefer a devil’s meal once a month.

5. Stock a clean eating pantry: Ahh, our favourite part. Why? Simply because of the joy we get from grocery shopping. Stocking up on lots of healthy ingredients is the first step to preparing a good meal. Add plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as lean meats such as chicken breast and fish to your fridge. If you’re going to get frozen fruits and vegetables because they’ll last longer, don’t forget to read the label! Some frozen produce have added sugar. This tip is ideal for your newfound habit because preparation is key. Get label savvy and read the ingredients! Clean foods contain just a few a small list of ingredients. Any product with a long ingredient list is human-made and not considered clean.

Food is the golden ticket to health. You know what they say; you are what you eat. Sure, you could exercise from dawn to dusk but if your post-workout meal is a Big Mac, what’s the point? In conclusion, the whole process of clean eating may feel a bit overwhelming at first, especially if you have a lot of changes to make. Our advice is to take baby steps. Make little changes every day and don’t beat yourself up if you make mistakes. We all do. Just realize that it’s what you do the majority of them time that counts.

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