Thursday 6 March 2014


As hard as it may be to believe, February has already passed us by and our calendars now mark the first week of March. Whether you were spent your days in a dance studio perfecting your choreography, drawing layouts and buying buckets of paint, packing Valentines' Day candies or counting your ang pow money, I'm sure most of us were kept well-occupied during the month of February.

March, on the other hand, has not kicked off to the most favourable start. The water shortage and hazy weather has set a rather gloomy mood for the month. Entering the toilets in school now seems like stepping into a terrifying cloud of death. Fortunately the weather seemed to be looking up this afternoon, hopefully in time for us to commence Sports Day trainings.

Speaking of Sports Day trainings, be ready for hours of stomping your feet and shouting your lungs out under the hot sun. It's that time of the year again where I can bet that your seniors will be using these quotes very often :- "Louder! I can't hear you!", "Guys! Pay attention!" and "Baris, luruskan barisan!". From years of experience, we'd say a cap or hat plus uncomfortable layers of sunblock would definitely be helpful, along with tonnes of water and maybe some Strepsils would come in handy too.

Imperative advice for this month would be to keep calm. Understandably, it is hard not to get frustrated when you're sweaty, sticky, tired and absolutely dying for water but it is just one of those unfortunate turn of events. Water cuts and sports trainings do not go hand in hand but it will all work out eventually. Keep your head up and wait till the end of the month as we will be having our First Mid Semester Holidays. Something to look forward to! 

The activity-packed month of February has done its job of setting things in motion for the year. Now, the new month of March sings promises of an eventful Sports Day, MSSKL competitions, P.A. Weekend and other activities. Remember to look out for our updates on all these events and more! In addition, YJC will now be having themed months for their articles and designs. This month kicks off with Women's History Month. The team here at YJC will keep you in the loop with all the latest school events and serve you a healthy diet of interesting articles to be read.

All the best of luck!
Amanda Lee & Chin Wye Mun 
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