Friday 20 September 2013

by Jamie Kok Yixin, Class of 2013, Form 5 Science 1
"Never give up before you even start the match. Always play your best no matter how good the opponents are and don't ever let them disrupt your game plan."- Shariffah Dayana, U-18 Netball Team Captain 2013

The Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation Malaysia (WSFFM) Netball Championship 2013 was held last weekend on the 13-15th September. The Cempaka Netball Team participated enthusiastically, seeing this opportunity as a golden experience, and also as a time for us to create new (and for some, our last) memories on court. On Saturday morning, the players of Cempaka A (one of the four teams sent by Cempaka Schools) set off for the Pusat Sukan Universiti Malaya, geared up and ready to dominate the courts once more with both hope and team spirit flying high. 

All of our teams fought hard, coordinating with each other's attack and defense, and tried our best to take control of the game. Every shot that went in, every intercepted ball and every cheer shouted was accomplished through sheer team spirit. At the end of the day, it was announced that each team had successfully made it through to the quarter finals the next day. 

This being my last netball competition ever with the team, I’ll admit that even though our eyes were set on the grand prize, we cherished the last time we would ever be on court together. In contrast to the competitive air and thick tension during MSSKL season, this time we were all about playing together as a team and motivating each other. I’ll also admit we were just a tad bit rusty after staying indoors all month to study, but thankfully there were no fainting or injuries (embarrassingly out-of-breath, gasping young ladies would be the closest picture).

Therefore, despite the disappointment that met us the next morning that got us sent home earlier than expected, it was a bus full of happy, energized players that went back, with stronger bonds reinforced and treasured memories shared. 

Besides, there's a humility and greater lesson learnt in defeat than in victory. As Chin Wye Mun aptly puts it, "I'd rather be on the losing team with all of you, than on the winning team with none of you." 

Who would ever forget the defying moments on court, when one players takes a chance (much to the astonishment of the team coach by the sidelines) and brings a goal for the team? " I'll always remember Kai Xin's face before she shot that awesome goal, " said 
Amanda Lee Yue Ping, U-18 Netball Team Captain 2014. 

"Shooting from a distance is a 50/50 thing - you either have Cik Zainab berating you after an unsuccessful attempt, or leave her speechless. The former is more common," replies Tai Kai Xin, netball team senior player and also full time daredevil goal shooter. 

Ah, of course, who could forget our beloved coach who's been with us through all the years, thick and thin, rain or shine? "I'll miss hearing Cik Zainab shouting by the sidelines and doing the opposite of what she says," says Wong Sher Lynn, netball team senior player.

Well..... some things never change.

There’s a quote that goes Teamwork is the ability to work as a group toward a common vision, even if that vision becomes extremely blurry.” 
Sure, we might have missed our goal a couple of times this year, but maybe with just a little polishing of glasses or rubbing of eyes, coupled with nurturing patience and discipline, that vision that we strive towards will suddenly become clear and within reach. And I have no doubt about that for the future of our netball team. 

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” 
― Helen Keller

Cempaka Damansara Netball Team

A special thank you to Cik Zainab and Cik Bella, our dedicated netball coaches, and to Cik Najihah who came back just to support the team! Also to Encik Salleh, our ever supportive sports department head coach. Not forgetting Cik Atiqah and Puan Ida, who were the pillars of support for the other Cempaka teams from Cheras and CILC. Finally, a shoutout to the Cempaka Netball Team, whether from Damansara, Cheras or CILC - may our glory days never see the end of its light.

Last words: A word of advice for the next year's team from Wong Shi Jinn, senior netball player: "Heads or Tails? Simple question - just don't trust Amanda with it."
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