Tuesday 23 July 2013

by Loh Stacey, Class of 2013, Form 5 Science 1

Hannibal Lecter. Just the name itself inspires fear within a personʼs soul. The series is captivatingly macabre and one cannot help but fall for the charm of our favorite cannibal. Follow a criminal profiler, Will Graham, as he aids the FBI on the hunt for the serial killers who terrorize the state of Minnesota. Little do they know, the most notorious of them all is sitting right under their noses.

Based on the characters from the best-selling book ʻRed Dragonʼ by Thomas Harris, the series acts as a companion to the movies that were previously released such as Hannibal Rising and Silence of The Lambs. Hannibal : The Series is directed by Bryan Fuller who is known for directing Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me. The series progresses with a new serial killer in each episode with underlying tones of unfinished business that continue to grow as the web spun incarcerates our main characters to a point of no return. One fact though to be pointed out is that the series is full of gory goodness be it emotionally or physically (mainly physically). This show is definitely not for the fainthearted.

The main character in this series is Will Graham, who is a gifted FBI criminal profiler, and by gifted I mean that he is able to fully empathize with the serial killer he is in pursuit of. When he looks at a crime scene, Will Graham is able to see in his mindʼs eye exactly what has happened and feel exactly what the killer would have felt in that instance. Unfortunately (and alarmingly), he can be completely consumed by the persona he is assuming and sometimes finds himself in a state where his own thoughts meld together with those of the killer. As the series progress, Will begins to think that he is losing his mind and constantly goes to Hannibal for guidance. Hannibal Lecter is a brilliant forensic psychiatrist and well know among his peers as a culinary expert, not forgetting his side job- cannibalistic serial killer. It is exceptionally thrilling to see the interaction between these two characters because even with the gift that Will Graham possesses, the true colors of Hannibal is hidden from him.

Although the series is mostly centered on crime solving, the psychological aspects within each episode is very profound. Hannibal : The Series talks of manipulation in the highest form especially on Hannibal Lecterʼs part. I for one, find it riveting to see Hannibal serve others dinner. It is at moments like these that the viewers connect with Hannibal. The inside joke is shared and we can only watch as his guests are deceived wholly into involuntary cannibalism.

To end this review, I would recommend this series to adults mainly but also to those who are taken with the deep meanings displayed symbolically as well as those with a keen interest in psychology. While the show is quite slow-progressing, I can say that not one scene can be taken out without defiling the whole picture. Though I have to add, the thing that first captivated me was the cinematography. It is very beautifully filmed and deserves that one hour of your time. I have to warn you though, you might want to rethink that decision for a snack while you watch it lest your foods come back up.

Hannibal : The Series is currently showing every Tuesday at 10 PM on AXN

Rating: 5/5
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