Thursday, 12 March 2015

by Akhilan Manivannan, Junior 2 Higgs, Class of 2015
All photographs by Lai Li Chan, Junior 2 Higgs, Class of 2015

On the 10th of February, Cempaka Schools had one of its most popular and highly anticipated events of the year, the Interhouse Dance Competition. The Interhouse Dance Competition is an annual event that tasks each sports house to perform dances split into three categories(A,B and C) based on ascending secondary school years. 

Seladang Damansara Category A
Harimau Damansara Category A
Category A consisted of Freshmen and Sophomore 1, Category C consisted of Sophomore 2 and Junior 1 and Category C consisted of the senior students, Junior 2 and Form 5. The event was a combined spectacle between both the Damansara and Cheras campuses, the results tabulated together as well. With only a very limited amount of time to prepare, all dancers gave it their all and the performances spoke for themselves.   

Helang Damansara Category A
With the the Category A dancers being the youngest participants, all houses were given the exact same music and only had to choreograph their dances. The song was “Get It” by Phillerz, an upbeat, exciting, electronic dance track. While a standardised song might seem like an easier option, with identical music the dancers found it much harder to stand out and there were many performances that felt stale and repeated. However there were a few that managed to describe the purpose of Cat A perfectly, fresh, energetic and full of promise. Those were the top 3 performances, the winners Beruang Damansara and the runners up - Harimau Damansara followed by Helang Damansara.

 Beruang Damansara Category A

Beruang Damansara Category A
Category B dancers were given arguably the most difficult and strenuous task of all, composing their own music and then choreographing their dance according to that music. Music is a major part of the performances and therefore if the music wasn’t appealing and fitting to the dance or was poorly crafted, audience members and judges would gradually turn off. This proved to be the case for many dances that featured much too generic and unimaginatively put together tunes. However the winning performances were clearly pegs above the competition and were incredibly enthralling and memorable to behold. 

Helang Cheras Category B
Harimau Cheras Category B
Harimau Damansara Category B
Beruang Damansara Category B
This was a case in particular for Helang Cheras featuring an acrobatic hip-hop themed dance routine that truly took audience members through a futuristic and heart thumping journey. They certainly stood out of the pack and were completely distinguishable from the rest of the category. In fact a vast majority of the audience felt that they should have clinched first place rather than winners, whom in all fairness did put on a good performance as well.

Seladang Damansara Category C
Seladang Damansara Category C
Finally, the most consistent and outstanding set of dances, Category C. The Category C performers were given the most freedom among all groups, the ability to choose an existing song and choreograph their dance according to it. The senior students did not disappoint in the slightest, and proved their talent and metal with this string of astonishing performances ranging from a fun and alluring routine with a mash up of "Mercy//Rehab" by Helang Damansara passing through a vibrant and catchy routine with “Bang Bang” by Harimau Damansara) to well refined and dramatic routine with “Telephone” by Beruang Damansara. However the performance that without a doubt claimed first place was Seladang Damansara's out of this world routine of DJ Snake and Lil Jons “Turn Down for What”, and it would be an absolute sin not to talk about it.
Helang Damansara Category C
Beruang Damansara Category C 
Beruang Damansara Category C
Harimau Damansara Category C

Led by assistant house captain and head prefect “Ruhaani Mahadeva”, the dancers owned the stage like no other performance, clad in joker costumes and faces sprawled with terrifying joker paint. To say they left a lasting impression would be an understatement, and the level of uniqueness yet unparalleled synchronisation was marvellous to behold. Furthermore the routine was arguably the most full-body dance routine of the day, and the performers exhibited a very professional level of control despite their fast paced movements. Definitely the most polished and perfected performance, which to this day students are still found re-watching, minds engrossed in utter awe and spectacle. Overall the Damansara campus dominated this category, taking all four top places.

                                      Seladang Damansara Category C

In the end of the day Beruang Damansara rose to first place thanks largely to their consistent placings in all three categories. However it would be safe to say that competition for runner up was very close with Harimau Damansara ultimately pulling through. All in all the Interhouse Dance Competition 2015 was a huge success and it’s safe to say that we at YJC are already looking forward to next years event.

Interhouse Dance Competition 2015 Champions
Beruang Damansara


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